The Amberjim

Chapter#1 The Adventure Begins

Far away, there is a beautiful land. Rivers of crystal clear flow through it. Of which the largest is Amberclear. But, our tale begins with a white horse grazing in a green meadow. “Jupiter! It’s me, Parvus !” A small voice called from a clump of grass. “Oh there you are Parvus! Where have you been?” The horse said looking up. A small goat emerged from behind the grass, “I can explain,” Parvus said, “My cousin Novis had a birthday, and I was invited.” “Why didn’t you let me know?” Jupiter asked. “Well it was a last minute kind of thing.” Parvus replied. “Humph, I still think you could have told me.” Jupiter said going back to his grazing, “Oh, yes, Ferox stopped by to tell me about something called the Da animalibusus et best festival, or something.” “Oh! The De animalibus et bestiis festival! Great, when is it?” Parvus asked. “He said sometime next week.” Jupiter replied lifting his head, “Why’s it so interesting?” “Well, it’s kind of exiting. Most of the animals of Amberjim come to celebrate!” Parvus exclaimed. “Are you gonna go?” Jupiter asked. “Sure! Wouldn’t miss it for anything.” Parvus did a twist in the air. “I’ll go too, if your going.” Jupiter said. “Great! It usually takes place in Ligna forest. We should start out tomorrow.” Parvus spun around twice. “Sounds good!” Jupiter said, “But one question, how do you know all this stuff about Da animbelly atbe, oh never mind, this festival.” Parvus was laughing hysterically. “Oh, well, you know,” Parvus gasped, “My mom, told me, all, about it.” “I see. How was Novis’s birthday?” “Oh good I guess. Woulda been better if you were there.” Parvus said, “S’gettin’ late. Gotta report home.” He grinned, “See ya tomorrow.” Parvus bounded off. Jupiter grinned, something fun was about to happen.

And so our tale begins! Here is CHAPTER 2!

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Squeaker’s squeak

Squeaker was a little gray house mouse. She had ears bigger than her head, a tail longer than her body, and fuzzy fur all over her. Squeaker had a baby brother named Tweaker, and a mommy and a daddy. They all lived in a wall in a big house that belonged to the Bingley’s. It was night right now, and everyone was in bed. Squeaker snuggled down under her covers. Sometimes at night, mommy or daddy mouse would sneak out to look for scraps for their next meal. But tonight everyone was so tired that they had decided to wait till morning. Everyone that is except Squeaker. A snore was coming through the insulation wall. That had to be Furrie, her cousin. Squeaker turned over. Suddenly she had an idea. She threw off her covers, and scurried out of bed. She ran over to the doorway, and peeked out. The cat Kip was nowhere in sight. So Squeaker scurried down the hall, and into the kitchen. She had been there before, but that was not her destination. Soon she was at the foot of the stairs. Somewhere way up there was a place she’d never been. So she began to climb the first step. Then the next. And the next. And so on until she reached the top. At the top, she saw another hall. There were three closed doors. She came to the first door and peered underneath. She saw some bed feet. “Well, I’m gonna get in there and see whats in there.” She told herself. And that’s just what she did. And she explored every room up there. When she was done, she hurried back to the stairs. It looked scary. It was super high! But she climbed down, and was soon at the bottom. Then something shiny caught her eye. She scurried towards it. It was a microphone (someone had forgotten to turn it off), and it was making a funny buzzing noise. “This is very strange!” she squeaked as she pressed her nose against it. Then she jumped back surprised, her voice was suddenly very loud. Once she was over her fright, Squeaker began blabbing away into the microphone. It was very cool. “I am Squeaker the mouse! My baby brother is Tweaker! I can sing! Listen! Lalalalal-” Something had just stepped up behind Squeaker. Squeaker slowly turned her head. It was Kip! “Yeow!” Kip screeched. Squeaker ran for her life. She ran through the kitchen and into the hall, and soon was in her hole. She hopped into bed and pulled up her covers. She had found enough for one night.

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“Why can’t I go down the road to town?” asked the brown colt on Mr. Joan’s farm. The colt was asking the old horse the question. “Because you will not like it. It Is loud and there is many bad children.” the wise old horse said.  “I don’t care.” answered the colt. Then he ran down the street. Soon he heard loud noises,  “Maybe he was right.” thought the colt. “Why should I be afraid of loud noises?” he said to himself. Then he entered a noisy town, ten big boys came running and pelted him with pebbles. Then he ran faster, a pretty girl with brown hair, a pink dress and a straw hat with a pink rose in it to match her dress, came and said “Little colt, please pull my cart”.  The colt stopped and then started running again he was really out of breath and rested in a quiet spot under a maple tree. A man who owned the tree saw the colt and ran out side with a lead rope to catch the colt. The colt jumped up and ran but as he was vary tired the man caught the colt an tied him up. Then the colt went two days with out food, on the third day the man gave him hay. Then the colt chewed the rope and it broke. The colt ran home and never asked why again, and listened to the wise old horse.


  1. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Moo. Moo who? make up your mind are you a cow or a owl?
  2. What did the father buffalo say to his son as he left for school?(Answer at bottom)
  3. Where do birds invest their money?(Answer at bottom)
  4. What do alligators drink after they work out?(Answer at bottom)
  5. What do you call a dog that can’t bark?(Answer at bottom)
  6. Knock, knock . Who’s there? Chicken. Chicken who? Chicken your pocket I think your keys are there.
  7. Where is a ant’s favorite place to go for lunch?(Answer at bottom)
  8. Knock, knock. who’s there? Boo. Boo who? Don’t cry, its only a joke.
  9. What is half cat half fish?(Answer at bottom)
  10. What do you get when you cross a bear and a skunk?(Answer at bottom)


2. Bison ( bye son)

3. In the stork market (stock market)

4. Gator aide

5. A hush puppy

7. A resterant (restaurant)

9. A purr-anha

10. Winnie the pew